Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Poem by Emily Strauss

Rusty Parts
'38 Studebaker sits in the field
wheels long gone, sunk waist-
deep into alfalfa and tumbleweeds
come on Kenny go faster
pa's gonna catch us
windows long broken, grasshoppers
fly through, land on shredded seats
the plastic knobs cracked and dried
I'm gettin' shipped to Europe
You kin drive it to town, ok?
Doors rusted open or shut
Metal peeling, coated rust-red,
Holes show through the roof
We coulda used it for haulin'
But I ran outa gas on the hill
Field plowed around it now
Unnoticed it sinks deeper
Every year, rotting by slow bits.
Emily Strauss has an M.A. in English, but is self-taught in poetry. More than 80 of her poems appear in public online and in anthologies. The natural world is her framework; she focuses on the tension between nature and humanity, using concrete images to illuminate the loss of meaning between them.

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