Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Poem by Derek Osborne

Nineteen in ‘72

Sea-Bright sand dune adorable midnight
ocean running mascara salting
my cellist fingers finding your note,
the small of your back l'Arc de Triomphe.

Do you remember that summer solstice
far far away from the madding crowded
envious bar in that Jersey joint,
freshman undertow tugging us down.

A name never asked, but what’s in a name?
More, sweet girl, than ever imagined
joy, epiphany, wisdom igniting,
to be so young once more in your eyes.

Something unspoken, some thing not offered
but given, taken, not given, entwined
one kiss we surrendered shining immortals
these days, these winters, I cuddle your light.

Derek Osborne lives in eastern Pennsylvania. His work has appeared in Bartleby-Snopes, PicFic/Folded Word, Pure Slush and Boston Literary among others. His debut novel, Gadabout, made it into the final round of Amazon/Penguin’s First Novel Competition and is currently in re-write. This summer he will be one of the featured writers at KGB’s FIZZ reading series in NYC. To read more or contact, visit:

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