Saturday, May 4, 2013

Three Poems by Delia Lantini Taylor

The Trip

The book lays open.
The story can be read.
Showers of black petals.
Rivers of dreams ended
on discarded syringes.
A sudden explosion in the mind
blows the conscious plane
into millions of fragments.
Perhaps, trying to recall
and fix with superglue.
‘Wake me reality,
slide in my head’.
Reaching to see that face. Too late. Stone dead.
Hour between Dog and Wolf
Now, at this moment
the blood-red sky is spiked
by a long-toothed comb;
each lock of light is
falling on the water
forming a liquid mass
of scintillating strands.
Then the tame dog –
subdued by the wild wolf –
curls up to sleep
on the horizon
until tomorrow.
Gradients of the Heart
Run run
On rails undone
Grind the grit into fine dust
Drag the dross and dull the pain
Words like whips hang in a frame
Brittle branches lay across an empty grave
Crowds, conundrums, finding lifelessness in a life
Cringing, crawling, giving, testing and ever toiling; yet
In the end it’s a long journey, ill equipped, without the knowing.
For fast emotions slow you down; they gather strength leaving you to weep
On silent screams suppressed on this long trip.
Born in Rome, Italy, Delia Lantini Taylor came to the UK at the age of sixteen but also lived in Germany for two years, where she was awarded first prize for poetry in the national competition. She has been writing poetry since the age of seven with some success and publication on various magazines, anthologies and winning the Silver Cup in the International Poetry Competition in USA.  Busy with a hectic life for many years she finally completed her education in 2004 and graduated with Merit at Glasgow University. The same year her autobiography was published, and she went on writing a novella and other works that she has now self-published on Amazon. She is currently writing a new novel.

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