Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Poem by Mike Cluff

Alpha Order

Jokes caused panic
killing the nectarines and
lilies lying between
Millicent and Nestor
neutered by his lack
of advancement,
progress towards their
quotient of castigation.

Radishes growth in lieu of the ratcheted
stench of atrophy
true and being tried
unendingly betwixt Omar and Pauline,
vases are then visited by vultures
waiting and wanting their liquid
yearly revitalized by decaying
zebras, broken, unstrung zithers and
asters fetid in
backyards covered with clover and

Evangaline become both Millicent and Pauline's new names
future lives to be admonished
slyly under the edict used at
hallucinations and hootenannies
indeed by ill-timed gestures,
jesters and jokesters.

Mike Cluff is a writer living in the inland section of Southern California. He is now finishing two books of poetry: "The Initial Napoleon" and "Bulleted Meat"-- both of which are scheduled for publication in late 2013/early 2014. He believes that individuality is the touchstone of his life and pursues that ideal with passion and dedication to help the world improve with each passing instance .He also hopes to take up abstract painting in the next several months.

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