Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Poem by Ken L. Jones

Last Call

Night descends like a billboard
Travis Bickle spreads his wings
This century has become a window
Opening onto Warhol's Last Supper
An empty soccer stadium
Has come to represent me
After a day when the summer sun
Reminded me of before the Beatles first arrived
And of days spent on a succulent
Violet Mecca of a beach
Back when four drops of Edgar Allan Poe
Could cancel the very laws of physics themselves
As all about me pummeled my aluminum foiled senses
While Lois Lane drenched in champagne

Ken L. Jones has written everything from Donald Duck comic books to dialogue for the Freddy Krueger movies for the past thirty plus years.  In the last three years he has gained great notice for his vast publication of horror poetry which has appeared in many anthology books, blogs, magazines and websites and especially in his first solo book of poetry Bad Harvest and Other Poems.  He is also publishing recently in the many fine anthology poetry books that Kind of a Hurricane Press is putting out.


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