Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Three Poems by A.J. Huffman

Life’s [Lack of] Revision

I close my eyes and wish my life
away.  I open them to find I have grown
white and tired as expected, but never gathered
by wind, whisked away in attempted regeneration. 
I am repulsive
weed, waiting for maintenance
blade to make me modern
Marie Antoinette.   

Midnight Butterfly

I bloom at stroke 12 in shapes
            of tears and torture.
Twisting through hours
human eyes should never see.  Me,
I breathe their suffocating
          Tock, the language
of the forgotten, follows my lips’
lead.  Under
rainbow roads, into the deep
                                               er brush.  The moon‘s
current nightmaring across the sky.

The Road to Conversation Road

should be two sided,
                                                though often is dominated
                                                by the side that believes
                                                it is right.
gets bumpy, is often
convoluted, disrupted
by irrelevant tangents.
                                                is an uphill journey, where
                                                minds and tires spin in place,
                                                get stuck
in redundancies thicker
than mud.
                                                is of the greatest intrinsic value
though, sadly, often ends
without solidified


A.J. Huffman has published eleven solo chapbooks and one joint chapbook through various small presses.  Her new poetry collection, Another Blood Jet, is now available from Eldritch Press.  She has two more poetry collections forthcoming:  A Few Bullets Short of Home, from mgv2>publishing and Degeneration, from Pink. Girl. Ink.  She is a multiple Pushcart Prize nominee, and has published over 2100 poems in various national and international journals, including Labletter, The James Dickey Review, Bone Orchard, EgoPHobia, and Kritya.  She is also the founding editor of Kind of a Hurricane Press.  

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