Monday, August 27, 2012

A Poem by Tamara Simpson

The   world   is   gone   hopes   and   dreams
shattered   eternal   life   swallowed   by 
the   flame   I   lie 
in   pieces   stones   among
the   ruins   resurrection   of   the   living
a   hopeless   toil
Evrèmonde   Evrèmonde   ye   show
no   mercy   to   the   fallen 
child   paid   the   price   in 
torn   heart   body   fragmented
mind   advocates   of   the   tortured
soul   whirlwind   scattered   thoughts   among
the   dusty   air.
Tamara Simpson is a current student University of Western Australia who spends most of her time writing poetry and fiction when she should be studying.
She has had previous work published in the Road Not Taken Journal of Formal Poetry, Every Day Poets Magazine, and Open Minds Quarterly.

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