Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Poem by Christopher Kenneth Hanson

A Symmetric Hectic
Of the ship shape

debacle, an illusive

crime- Of a tale in the

gusts of heat, that turns-

sets sail and removes

to a distant island- where the

sun, a lemon yellow blaze melts

the ice between

tacit and implicit knowledge

Creates a strange emotion

you be the judge?

Thanks for listening

as the game goes on-

A neon tongue,

illuminates prone dialogue

haste, comatose debauchery

(illumination stations to

disagreeable concepts)

inept diabolical stain-

apply to known

procedure- debacle, illusion

parsimonious crimes as illusive-

praise be, the porter

of intuition; of constant


cold, caught and hungry

here fall, pedantic unknown

that ship shape debacle.

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