Sunday, February 10, 2013

Two Poems by Christopher Kenneth Hanson

A Fictional Heist

Dostoyevsky sits in sudden shock-
tumbling down the dust bound safes
and missing keys-
They are locked tight of course,
his action, known to be quite in desperation.
The crew will let sparks fly past
steel black compartments and greasy wheels of chance-
While two blundering buffoons pry and push the black kettle safe
into the mid-day light.
As now, their dear patron- Dostoyevsky now
wipes two tears from a worn cheek,
slips outside of the bank-
And remembers his father, killed by thugs-
whom used liquor to suffocate.
Stressed out completely after seeing this cogently- this image in mind,
Dostoyevsky takes his crimson bandana off- drops his paint gun rifle,
finds a space under a nearby cherry blossom- locates a ball point pen,
then finishes final chapters to Notes From Under The Earth.

Stray Animal Blues

Instinctual antecedence,
as dual incidence-
said inference drift through sullied court,
daft and wanting,
As newborn scent; As newborn scribe-
flummoxing by known pristine points
In awkward relief of reality.
Cantankerous, yet baffled by jovial types bearing contingencies.
Yet, let that same type laud the insurmountable stone wall,
that peaks *here*
And keep out or in a system of belief that requires
sanctuary as left posited concern:
Quite quixotical with sordid symbology,
so seemingly incongruent poesy,
as only systemic assumptions of truth lie dependent-
Indeed, advantageous with word play,
No mechanical, socially stratified
controls *here*: stray animal blues.

Christopher Kenneth Hanson (ckhanson81)}

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