Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Three Poems by Les Merton

We are right up against it
There is nothing we can do
War has been declared
The war to end all wars
is being over quoted
by the media and informed individuals
A conglomerate of planetary missiles
is set to be launched towards us
if the people of Earth
don’t agree to evacuate
their beloved planet
Where can 7000,300000 people
of various nationalities, colours and races go
Yes a few - an elite few - will probably
be sent to various planetary outposts
some could even live on space stations
But, the majority
would have to stay put and just wait
There will be defences
The Powers That Be
have all missiles primed and ready
The end time
as been forecasted by many
over the centuries
Now it is a reality
Rather than wait for the destruction
The Powers That Be
have issued pills
the container they come in
is neatly labelled with the instruction
take three pills one of each colour
at hourly intervals
in the prescribed order
Take the Red Pill first
this ensures a feeling of well being
Next take the Blue Pill
it’s sole purpose is to create a desire
for another pill
Which will be
the only pill left which is the Black Pill
It is very doubtful that before anyone takes the Black Pill
 they will bother read the small print
which simply reads
morning observation
abandoned coat hangers
            create sculpture
on an art
            graffiti riverbank bench
                        a leaping salmon
catches the light
            and the moment

yoga                         love                         ahimsa             harmony
              bricks      in the wall
                                                  for world peace
            nonviolence             freedom             truth
spirituality                         pacifism             diplomacy
            understanding            co-operation

Les Merton is Cornish and proud of it. He lives in an historic heart of the tin mining area and he has become a prolific writer with 20 books to his credit, (many of which are available from Amazon and other online retailers.) Les has been published in magazines around the world and he is the founder editor of Poetry Cornwall which started in 2002.  In recent times his first play, The Last Cornishman, was performed and he appeared on ITV's That Sunday Night Show.


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