Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Two Poems by Joseph Robert

The All-Inclusive for Ostriches
Digging for cooler satisfaction
Under hot sands
l push my head further in
Not to hide, but because I can
Afford to own my own pet toucan
I love loving rainforests
But am what's comfortable
On designer beaches
That analogy was so good
It cracked its can
And painted the problem blue raspberry
In latex-based paint
So, once more, what you've been talking out
Is your self-minted analogies qua analogies
Which is analogous to painting with white-wash
The picket fences ringing the boundaries of your mind
That snarled rats nest of rusty barbed wire
Rat choice Rat choice Rat choice
Joseph Robert's poetry has appeared in Decanto, Unlikely Stories, Dead Snakes, The Journal, Mistress Quickly's Bed, Pyrokinection, The Commonline Journal, Mudjob, Spinozablue, Black Mirror, Message in a Bottle, Bluepepper, Eunoia Review, Inclement, Leaves of Ink, The Open Mouse, The Open End and The Insert Coin Here Anthology. His joint poetry chapbook with his poet wife Leilanie Stewart has been reviewed in Sabotage Magazine.

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