Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Three Poems by Maureeen Kingston



because her son lived
she went to mass twice a day
because her son lived
she gave up sweets
once and for all

bacon, berlin, caisson, chiffon, clothespin, coupon, darvon, doctrine, drunken,
krypton, million, pitchmen, russian, sermon, shaven, sovereign, suntan, warden


because her mother starved
she ate & ate
because her mother starved
she spoke in tongues
& channeled snakes

billion, born-again, broken, elton, felon, glutton, margin, mission, omen, passion,
rayon, reagan, riven, saigon, sampan, sequin, shaman, siphon, tampon, vulcan


because her mother acted out
she oms calm
because her mother ate & ate
she f(b)logs herself with kale
vows to cleanse herself
once and for all

brazen, dragon, gluten, goblin, gunman, genome, hempen, iphone, jasmine,
net-gen, pagan, sullen, taliban, trillion, toxin, urban, vegan, veteran
tauntie mame=my anti-meme
my poet loa=anima sola=one-woman sass band=the intermediary
who protects me from remote gods & slick crawdads
her spun steel hair=cornmeal bosom & lumpen hips=
a mother loaf
when I lose heart I reach for her raptor pluck=her mantis
mouth=to bite the heads off all my doubts
found poem: the art [of the] come-on: an overheard emoticon
student lounge. finals week
her:  i worked on the piece for 16 hours straight
in an unventilated room.  got high off my ass
on turpentine.
him: you have a piece of glitter on your lips.
her: what are you doing this summer?
him: bookstore–d & d, coffee, comics–a dream job.
her: lucky. i’m saving for a new piercing.
him: i’ll do your navel for 20 bucks.
Maureen Kingston is an assistant editor at The Centrifugal Eye. Her poems and prose have appeared or are forthcoming in The Camel Saloon, Emerge Literary Journal, Gone Lawn, The Meadowland Review, Rufous City Review, Stone Highway Review, Terrain.org, VAYAVYA, Visceral Uterus, and Wild Orphan.

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