Friday, March 8, 2013

Two Poems by John Pursch

Mnemonic Peacock
Taller mown nebulae evoke strapped mothball stew, charging wounded martyrs with handheld rosin dumplings. Cowcatchers deplane at sunset, eyeing the romanced cloaking pigeon for signet hooves. Duchies imbue carnal divers with dolphin needs, elevating imperiled hooligans beyond Socratic wheelhouse blues. Clearance slicks balked satchels, creasing grim tirades, looped amid diurnal humpback engines. Hacked pudding empties dumplings of torn truculence, shifting mellow pheasants for sheaves of serried paltry nymphs, churning toucan peat. Glacial burgers seep melodic amethyst, clairvoyant in a worldly swordfish sort of swaggering gong. Pedestrian prints sleeve Studebakers in tunneled pterodactyl clues, prancing after midwife vows go unrequited. Daughters hover piously, cinching craven wolverines behind referral teething, granting eddies anoydyne deodorant news. Marking stallions plague astringent cardboard victors into licensed mirth, soiling egg tuners everywhere. Lonely muskets spin a vanquished caricature’s snoozing periodontal fuse, crafting woolen giblets from slivers of impugned turbans. Browning features clash without dissolving antsy heels, pat down an execrable lupine fool, and ogle extravagant sundries, flipping barnyard anemones for choral fiefdoms sown to side yelps. Ivanhoe submerges for thievery’s busty avuncular discharge, blubbering avowals to trained concocters of musical flares. Eyes hear rustling dish towels behind cold towers, keels untie angelic potions from strip mall fumes, and auxiliary coulisse mechanics fly sedan crops to destined missionary proving groins, clamping towel dregs to polar imposition. Dour forensic caregivers shock salacious lavatory salesmen, heaving gravy sires to face methodical heights of artsy capillary unguent’s soothing pleat. Mateys swell to hefty slides of curried bleats, spooling sworn magistrates downtown. Wheel barrows erupt, spackling threaded placemats with skillets of familial pence, budging an oliphant in trafficked chrysanthemums. Healers perspire gear teeth, foaming groaty pores, sliming accordion tailings upon denial’s clothed understudy. Betting on a rally, campers stomp as strangers munch in veering cherry walkways, giving hallmarks thermal tethers to verify crustacean samovars. Crunchy southern peacetime inches closer, tuning fanned dirigibles to sighs of loosely coiled summer, auctioned for anterior push-up housings. Callow ministers address egregious darkness, singing inner plugs of heirloom wharf reports, cresting in a moment’s shuffle, penultimate and crowned with carousels of caramel and daisies. Seven hoed pairings devour arrhythmic yacht police, fending for disheveled unity, erring on the porcelain masthead’s blotchy sawtooth weal. Herring induce lost flavors of ghastly delirium, flushing absent entrecotes in lamprey stakes of cooling plainclothes turbines. Christening a yak’s boon with mashed attache kits, scraped stogies dribble salutary gnosis from shaven thirds of served dignitaries, dangling soiled actuaries in fallacious homestead ploys. An expectorant flies west for peacock backwash avoidance, sneezing cleverly, kissing mnemonic jerseys in sweatshop Pollyanna storms.

Syncopated Teal
Kilkenny bloats on turret mime flounder, rolls engraved persimmons into outcomes of elusive dreams, and pastes turpentine couplets within aortic baritones, ferrying wind chimes to fallen kites. Pillows hock a likely import, eddying into ebb tide fools. A wanton feudal shadow miser’s latent figurine bites her Rosicrucian moustache, flips pylon briefs to overtly tenuous monster gruel, and sticks aerial questions to bellbottom flues of cardigan moxie teeth, spilling spun ankles in terminal bleat cache gloom. Glutinous clocks peel aerated slush police from overture mechanics, crossing dermal meat oblation frocks with handheld eel parameters, trickling needle dials to pain regard quartets, flexed above entropic clouds. Valves degrade to grinding periscopes, styled beyond mustard Thursdays, treating tired evasion to roof beckonings for nasal dumpers. Shams gong herbal doorstep pins, exiting with boot surprise collage, soaked in skylight booze. Florid notes erode corrosive gender miles, hobbling spaniel belts; colonic fluid’s grappling juices paler than balloon encounter mirth. Coughed upon a gauzy seascape, antennae moan of ontic cravings, spreading ptomaine noise to settings flung beneath a quavering room of antlers, hissing through steel. Search enumerated fleas for easy bias construal, flexing conventional synthetic streetcar peat, immersed in quartz. Lowered hubcap toil pleases dodging flush techniques, hugging angular mothers with visual care, noting vocational wipers of thermal clangs, sniffles, and syncopated teal. Tournament wheels drain zingers for pocked lightning seams, tapping showboat creams, crammed behind mock assemblies. A bone lauds situational repression, shouting for blurred Estonian engines, cleaning teams of stone pheromones. Clover pants in sloughed-off mops, hovering inside hooded fakery. Tepid charts infuse shame atop checkered carrion from sycophantic sticker plight’s effusive candor, drenching straightened jockeys with cloture glop. Yellowed trace of asphalt trees in misanthropic entropy tars senescent children, fed to animal magma by forgotten carriers, groaning into tasered clocks. Nude openings sell tinted mirage caffeine to tranquilized dementia’s floating backdrop, wearing shoed colliers to emaciated chalk routines. Akashic skulkers shuck canoe remains, fortified by tweed, to plot with daytime anthem mouths, hopping an oxygen charm. Feeding retroactive slate to gurgling plastic thuds, girdled louts efface a faction’s relaxed train, lighting misty ends within scarred junipers. Condensed prelates frost a wired window’s smiling door, cracked in pasty fragments of Styrofoam need, squeaking thinly dropped screams. Hats become stirred sponges, lost to facial flings of gravitation pucks, stuck in sequestration’s riverbed blouse. Thrown cotton pounds interior mascot knees, forcing cauterized arcs to cross lewd comments above a tiled flood. Tribal rotation flies to craggy speaker tomes, suffused with cool reduction cloth, homing in on Batman’s silver chute. Musty cars hover to pretend, pocketing manhole dues, endured in soft and fecund shoals. Crisp heirs point from Indian motes to generic threads, recommending shelved hives to middling panes of thumbscrew steps.
John Pursch lives in Tucson, Arizona. His work has appeared in many literary journals and was recently nominated for the Sundress Best of the Net 2012 Anthology. His first book, Intunesia, is available in paperback from White Sky Books at . He's @johnpursch on Twitter and john.pursch on Facebook.

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