Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Poem by Janet Rice Carnahan

Lifting the darkened curtain,
Shaking off awkward,
Wayward stardust,
Scattered by,
Winds of wonder,
Drifting down,
By hidden,
Delightful designs,
To anyone,
Other than itself!
Mindless minstrel,
Attuned to an unseen band,
Orchestrated brilliance,
Not attracting,
Even the closest cluster,
Of constellations,
Entrance not allowed,
Unless an open welcoming invitation,
Responds to the subtle draw,
Of harmony!
If others came,
Without careful discernment,
Imbalanced intruders,
Miscellaneous space junk,
Off course orbiting objects,
Hurling odd shaped meteors,
Bounced bits of old rocket pieces,
Would edge their way,
Into the continually tightening field,
Altering the well hoped for date with destiny,
No paths dare to change,
Even dream into existence!
The longed for whispered desire,
Unspoken deepest wish,
Blown into the night sky,
While without warranted fanfare,
Peace arrives . . .

Ready to be,
A living reality!
Living in Laguna Beach, California, among artists, photographers and writers, Janet loves the unique setting of the Pacific Ocean and nearby beaches. Born on the northern California coast, her muse has always followed the sea for inspiration. The natural freedom of oceans is a joy shared with her husband, adult children, family and friends. Janet’s published work includes a cover photo, caption and poems in an anthology, “Prompted: An International Collection of Poems”, December 2011. Recently her poems were published in, “Pyrokinection”, “Jellyfish Whispers”, “The Camel Saloon”, “The Mind[less] Muse” and “Three Line Poetry”.


  1. Janet, I loved flying through the sky on these magnificent word and stardust! Beautiful!!

  2. Oh Janet - this is ethereal and dreamy and just wonderful - very nice ... glad to see you getting more and more exposure