Monday, September 17, 2012

Two Poems by John Pursch

Imogene Tonic
Whipsaw implications lack accords of inner rations, alimentary and propagated by tea, catching surds in bifurcated mule team anguish. Sheltered tropics coagulate in sandbar trowels, vexing pitchmen, ordering tuple sundaes for indigenous gulfstream brides. All unfurnished showers cringe at ballroom candy herbivores, leafing overture pennies into brawny wedge parole, spooning with barge heroes. Entropic smidgens migrate beneath a neon silence, seemingly orphaned by lewd ichthyosaurs, loving drainage floss. Transparent steeples topple dawning feather eaters, petting yellers, skimmed of fallen cash coat monkeys. Slanting toward skylight seals, some condor iterates on very able consonants, violating sequestered nouns, incensed to fabricate esteem. Speeding ingots cauterize inculcated boondock plaques, coursing out of sounding kittens, fathoming a phantom’s pure acidic greed. Knotted whorls incorporate to bleat exploding banter, carding ungainly orchid beasts to denigrate affluent leisure tones. Rangy oodles peculate embattled haughty sidebars, carting stirrups into hickory jargon’s ouster. Truculence uncovers bimodal effluent, forming concrete emetics from animal drought, keenly spattering moot octopi. Winged gloaters gesture blithely, imitating Popeye, drawling to jejune caboose fanatics, crippling the sunshine. Gaffers spill enough garrot munitions to jangle strung caverns into botched cone trails, smugly interceding for soliloquy germs. Watchmen wind down corkscrews, venerating alluvial bans, effacing stucco fashion cans. Whoever derives crested hedges from cereal goiters will turn a frozen pestilence into dollops of steamboat clues, sampling Dixie’s barnstorming daze. Cyclic hose engulfs sentinel broth, boiling allied waddlers in craven mothballs, stamping in renewal plunks. Tightened foam decries belittled mace plats, rescinding Hoosier teal erasure’s statistical Skee-Ball heft. Trying eighteen jurors, smelted trains imbibe deferral truncheon booths, filed to notable lenses, spinning ozone into baroque cottage lashes. Slinking off the fantail, lasers drive a shaven seed to trollop loot eugenics, hoping canker pores wilt before a thespian’s instep peels. The softer glow of droplets, clean and prescient, volunteers our salivary oeuvre, quavering with beef. Sacred causal sediment dissolves in coastal Imogene tonic, flapping morning stove gorilla feet to fan the vernal hoax in basted claims.



Oxide Swirls
Grain clangs on serried childhood spume, cacophonous and geriatric, ruminating on cresting queues of avian piasters. Gargoyles immerse corn sheds in crepe shutters, forging eastern pollywogs for timely caravans of nude Peruvian cheeks. Fists of shamanic zeal tailor mockeries from sand, glossing impasse rituals into mossy gloom, caricatured in lox. Gables girdle gravel groves, losing gimbal lock, skating highway elbows in placid osmotic valor. Parking clots, emblematic of owl police, cruise on hirsute streetcar piles, hedging for answer feast emergence, easier to wind than iffy oxide swirls. Paws eat ordinary spacesuits, dribbling ancillary gypsies down louvered matchsticks. Ample reflectivity inures the margin’s canny cellar to skinny sidecar storms, flexing a warning’s windscreen till crop dust tiles the clovered sky. Sleuths employ erstwhile garnish jewels, clucking off knackered berms, working up yardarm cheese for banyan toasters, ominously understated.
A toffee blurter winds historic aerials between decaying bark mobiles, slashing titration grates to cool diffraction pellets. Trained organs plead for lemon tines, chomping on pseudonymous raffles, baiting interred castaways to festive ergot pools. Money sets on sidling carbs, flits across a pineal droop, and catches analytic mirth in diverse chanting trilobites, only to deem an uncle’s loopy fencepost swarthier than dueling dermal existence cares to rusticate. Pin setters can’t interview exogenous wolves, gearing down to relish cards, flossing tallied Rotarians with jungle goo. Sinusoidal flagrancies glom and cower, scaring currency hives to haystack trades. Salting raises chippy snores, harshly owned in superbly stenciled toes, grinning head-to-county-oven-trees, shipping soiled mystics to orphans for a loafer’s fueling pod. Havens sew respiring clout into agoraphobic gist, epitomizing naughty icicles, crooning for spurious beets. Needled strays incite a cackling sty to sleepiness, merely maundering for tinsel tonsure’s diatonic haze.

John Pursch lives in Tucson, Arizona. His work has appeared in The Camel Saloon, Counterexample Poetics, experiential-experimental-literature, and elsewhere. His fiction piece “Watchingstoned, T.V.” was recently nominated for the Sundress Best of the Net 2012 Anthology. His first book, Intunesia, is available in paperback from White Sky Books at . You can follow him on twitter at or on facebook at .

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