Friday, March 22, 2013

A Poem by Tom Hatch

The Moving Wedding to Today

After the party the bottom of glasses
and bottles
a quarter inch, half inch of liquor
Flat champagne and wine
the windy bride and groom
black and white shoes left in the
Stance of last dance in Kronos time
written in the ink from the remains of glasses and bottles
love letters from opulent long ago remembered
we had a little cocaine to stimulate
ambrosia’s garter that was retrieved by
the one with high cheek bones adorned
boxes of Revlon's big smile bed sheets torn
to the floor the conga line from the night
A centipede in confused foot play
shoots and ladders since then
the direction the raw lawn is mowed
A pear tree pruned for more yield
Tapping tongue's memory of a taste star lit walks
Holding lying next to full tide and low
Part words part rebus a crossword puzzle
on the head of a pin

Tom Hatch paid his dues in the NYC soho art scene in late 70's 80's and early 90's. He was been awarded two National Endowment grants back then for sculpture, showed a lot and the The New Museum a couple of times.  Taught at University of Florida inTallahassee, in new Jersey at Princeton. He got really close to the literary world his office was next to (name drop) Joyce Carol Oats' office and the University of Penn in the city "Of Brotherly Love".  He resides in Connecticut now a few farms up and down the road. He does residential construction management for the rich and famous in the Apple. He loves to write...sculpture takes up too much space and money.  He has published numerous poems and is a regular at Camel Saloon and Boy Slut. He was invited and published a companion piece with Devlin De La Chapa, the editor of Boy Slut about chess and checkmate.

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