Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Two Poems by John Kross

The Weight of Words

There i s
beau tiful
trans par
e n cy in
o u r   un
s po ke n
words, no
embellished perfection rather simple contented silence, a
derivative of unhappy places where spoken words were
o  n  c  e
s ev er in g
we a po n s
a n d a n y
h o p e o f
re con cili
a t i o n a
a c r u c i
f i x beam
stre tch ed
a c r o s s
our backs
the weight
o f w h a t
n e a r l y
killed   us

My Forte
My forte has never been         chemistry
especially             in matters of the brain
this delicate science              eludes me
but give me a knife           and I’m a pro
a      butcher     in       a  cesspool       of
a        drowning        stagnant           me
where    the   water   under  my    bridge
does              not           flow          out
but backs up tighter than
                          a meat packer’s drain
overflowing with        bloody blobs of
broken promises   and   good intentions
John Kross is an aspiring poet living and working in Dallas,Texas he has been published here several times in the past year including Storm Cycle, the best of 2012 anthology. You can read John's work and interact with him as the poet "V" at

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