Sunday, June 9, 2013

Three Poems by John Pursch

Elevated Napes
Precariously poached peccaries fulminate over easterly woven conundrums, flitting above deckhand stipend domiciles, pretending to capsize in trebled mischief canary milk. Puppets fly off toboggan veils, half interred between moustache dings, popping tooth carnage for flippant iota berths. Entangled plainclothes pterodactyls imbue lice scans with erstwhile periodontal knapsack dreams, serrating farewell jeremiads per dominant ogre pinnacle speech palms, grossing southern hayseed pabulum. Twice begotten periwinkle brows imply an archaic trump slot, mocking inborn derby wafers, singing of angled gumshoe quarts in Samoan foxtrot eaves. Circumnavigated cloves defy steeping dove mutations, catalyzing treed limb posers with impetus ferocity, blanking into elevated napes. Lioness umbrella darts reseal bucolic crab tree licks, fluttering wisely into flashing credibility maws, speckled beyond solidity urchins. Easing her canoe through wallowing shutters, the grotto’s faux heretical nouveau scooter blends her ambit with puritanical chokehold coos, filming nightly waistband motifs for ankle shams.

Shadow Oxen
Gaslight depilatories impose shoveled emigrants on emissary effluvia, wafting alluvial handstands past aching slivers of collared torpor, flicked in statutory tremolos by looming igneous troglodytes, yearning to speak of intravenous whaling bubbles. Phantasms deduct steroidal naphthene from horological stepping colons, mossy in tiered dishrag arteries, queried to oblivion by puerile space bats in shapely toss-ups. Pushing sectarian sidearms for hauntingly belated grist, dweebs easily weave through cemetery whistle stops, crafting cello smirks from chafed clef pajama tops. Blotches swelter amid saffron contrail grifters, salivating at pint-blank tracer angst, cropping shared crowbars just behind an aural telethon’s pellucid grappling snip. Perched epidurals elucidate till drowsy calendars curl up in jangled juice surmise, pressing gonged tarantula slogans into thirsty bell peppers, depriving a paprika junkie of alligator chaff detergent. Termagant floss gloats headlong and fanciful in freed laundry tolls, piecing gathered menses into collaboration spew police. Galoshes encumber frozen stamens, bet on dusty maunderers for blowhole stings, and steer akashic corridors beneath an irrigated jellyfish tantrum, copping to scream blues in wily tweezer action. Fearsome hearsay obeys sobriety’s luminal biscuit proxy, fulminating at octal arbitrage. Spindrift aisles grin ably, counting gorilla enclaves far from enabled zephyr cones, spilling numb ownership below the shuffled and specious whinny. Toucans seize unwinding pheasants, beckoning decanted ambits, predicated on goose parades. Sapient artisans defy trick artichoke tears, adoring agility’s tumid potato breath. Listening to hatched defusers, thatched kumquats sail for Qumran at providential clapboard siding’s feisty yawn, jangling encoded rooster ale into bedeviled frenzy’s holster. Hefting shipped static, particulates deploy heirloom caricatures, soaking an elbow in porous poodle stink, retrenching an alien pursuance for heinous whiners. Plaudits land in flexible crates of carotid quail, dumping vegetables in brotherly callings, furnished by midtown lariat seers. Nocturnes cloud the urinals with piebald electronics, defraying amniotic sunlight through spider web intrusion felt. Po-boy triage revolves in shadow oxen, mouthing battered affluence at irreligious octogenarians, sheltering the crawling pestilence in blazing casement cheese. 


Yo-yo Quartets

Swimming through busty deadlock straits of annual hideout jangle mist, interlopers kill off hours in licentious unlimited credo breath, flimsily denying nominal upstart comical anger, smoking a headless seamstress behind closet towers, inching neck-deep before panned altimeters read negotiated heresy’s nearby pathway rebuttal ploy, stammering under tightwad locomotion’s impassioned embrace, groaning out of awkward tonic hallway grease, spoken in wheelbase carrion flecks of tendonitis chrism, piebald and soapy when earfuls cake the nozzle. Metallic unguent speeds down corridors of human zeal, washing off embodied egg drop sloops, doffing canned inferno mold to fructify cephalic ductile means. Tamely wounded cellar fish meander coyly, plod beside torrential work crew mastiffs, and ease to dalliance in commissary cacti, neutered for belief patrol incipience, leasing sapiential apiaries to fortnight windage. Traceries pend in afterimage cloth, drenching retinal undercarriages with lacquered haystacks, cobbled to cauterized weal from thermal idioms of plangent ancillary gravy yard steam. Towing mouth pipe garbage on barking lineal cribbage blurbs, oarsmen cavil till daybreak freezes oaken tenterhooks, wigging over canonical anise spouts, flushed from pluralistic yo-yo quartets. Squeezing trackballs harken buckled tomahawk reducers back to molting lackadaisical tolerance, enabling knuckleballs to spawn recital plumes before cellophane docks can immolate reminder gunnels. While eateries claw three whales, bucking brinkmen tally hotly truncated service ululators, quenching oxygenated devil’s feet with kegger fries.
John Pursch lives in Tucson, Arizona. His poetry and fiction has appeared in many literary journals. His most recent book, Intunesia, is available in paperback from White Sky Books at . He's @johnpursch on Twitter and john.pursch on Facebook.

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