Friday, June 7, 2013

Three Poems by Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia

And Tracked

Dusk settled in ,
                                stayed away
                from shore
And the pewter
                is die-cast
                                where the new
                awaits its turn
                                to wax
Steps same as earlier
                seem different,
                                                on tiptoe
                through puddles
                                idling at corners.
                and highway dividers
are the wrinkles
                                of America
                where the micro-expressions
                                come to reveal
                                                the tells
                of bluffs made
                                about upward
And the eye
                                riding coastline
                                                has been
since leaving Spain –
                                                the one still standing conquistador
given new names
and tracked.

To Pursue

Neither laughter nor tears
                in the drought
as the prostitutes work each corner
                with no other task.
The air is followed
                and lead
                                until cracking brings
drops from ice
                in need of a buck.
The mug is filled for no more
                                and a winner
                is not declared.
Where is where one is going
                of course
                                with no business
to pursue.

Fading Comes Easily

Light is aloof
even with its need
to drag shadow
with it
                it takes a moment
                to shine
How detached
are you?
So fast as yet to be beaten
And easily shattered
with a prism
into living secrets
And taking time
each year to become
                less and less
Then of course,
fading comes

Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia is the author of This Sentimental Education and Enter the After-Garde along with two other collections of poetry. He was raised in Brooklyn, NY and has a degree in Linguistics.  He has studied several living and dead languages in addition to philosophy and poetry at SUNY Albany and Hudson Valley Community College.  He spent over ten years working in restaurants – cooking, washing dishes, etc.  Currently, he works overnights putting boxes on shelves.  By day, he runs kjpgarcia.wordpress and   

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