Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Poem by Mike Cluff

Alpha poem- letter V

Vichysoisse on the veranda
waiters in pure white waistcoats
Xhosa spoken sub rosa submerged
yips from hyenas
zooming around in BMW's
along the updated Autobahn
bellicose owners of foreigners'
contracts held in perpetua.
Dahomeans denied passage
emigrating north is negated
for people of colour
groping for dreams
halted in vitro
institutions of separation deny
justice to anyone not their own
kin and kind.
Landmines may be placed between the US and
Mexico according to men not up to the minute
negotiating deserts in gas machines or even mules
or oxen if deemed divinely necessary
protecting images of self-aggrandizement
quaking in cowboy boots to
remain ensconed and regal
superiors to those who
threaten their boxed-up and homogonized
umbras and unfounded preachings of Manifest Destiny.

Mike Cluff is a writer living in the inland section of Southern California. He is now finishing two books of poetry: "The Initial Napoleon" and "Bulleted Meat"-- both of which are scheduled for publication in late 2013/early 2014. He believes that individuality is the touchstone of his life and pursues that ideal with passion and dedication to help the world improve with each passing instance .He also hopes to take up abstract painting in the next several months.

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