Friday, July 27, 2012

A Poem by Gary Hewitt


White, cool to finger
Blue haze
Come alive
Eyes twitch with impatient hunger
Enter an enchanted world.
I float on a Roman spaceship. With nuclear lollipops I obliterate worlds. I am come: the goat king of the Poppylots. I hear voices in a cacophonous whirlpool of fornication .I store billions in my data wallet and words snake in divine obedience. With a ninja finger I slay foes and embolden allies in a fair of sparrows. I, the bringer of light and devourer of darkness. Zeus licks my boot-up: I may gift him a parking permit for Fido’s Puppies.
I am slave,
to irrelevant binary.

Gary Hewitt is a raconteur who lives in a quaint little village in Kent. He has written a fair few tales over the years some of which have been published in Mbrane, various anthologies, Twisted Tongue, Morpheus Tales, Morpheus Tales Best Of Weird Fiction Volume 1, Smokebox, Slingink Magazine, Short Story Net, PygmyGiant and Bewildering Tales.

He is also not afraid to dabble in the arcane art of poetry. He’s a proud member of The Write Idea and sometimes writes the odd flash fiction tale on that venerable website. He is also a proud member of the Hazlitt Arts Centre Writers group in Maidstone which continues to grow from strength to strength.
He has produced an anthology of his flash fiction available in e-book from :

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