Monday, July 23, 2012

A Poem by Travis Laurence Naught

A Fly's Life

A house fly buzzing around any room does not need much

A spot to land in order to rest his million miles per hour furiously beating wings at the same rate an electrical charge cycles and is ready to zap again into open-air space

A bit of consumption to provide fuel for these clear membrane wings enabling them to pump at a fast enough rate to lift his oversize and engorged blimp body from whatever treat was chosen to feast upon

A willing mate that will allow him to propagate the species ensuring the survival of these buzz winged bugs who are only allowed to live for three to five days before succumbing to natures cruelest trick of death by old age unless instantaneous departure is granted by a hand, swatter or striped rubber shoe sole

A want is not considered to the flea sized brain held behind gigantic eyes that see more during one instant in time than a single object focused human could ever hope to view let alone process even if he had slowed the earth's rotation down to a crawl so that the second hand on a watch appeared to be stuck in molasses because a fly's metabolism is sped up to the level of dog years to the 50th and things happen quickly or not at all

A plan is not put together in the name of deviance as a way to get at some prize pile of shit before the rest of his friends come circling in ruining the flavor for him since more really is merrier when it comes to the social life of a fly that enjoys feasting and fucking as much as the next insect with needs to be met in his own short span that is devoid of any meaning rather than to spread the transferable diseases that feast on all sorts of animal life creating work for doctors and veterinarians who need the lowly house fly and should be grateful to God for their small purpose

Travis Laurence Naught is a poet who happens to be a quadriplegic wheelchair user. He earned a bachelor's in psychology from Eastern Washington University in 2005. His first book collection, The Virgin Journals, was released by ASD Publishing in March of the 2012. It received an honorable mention in the biography/autobiography category at the 2012 San Francisco Book Festival and was used as curriculum in a disability studies course at EWUniversity. Other poems by him have been published online at,, and as well as in print in the 2012 Northwest Boulevard and The Easterner, both released by EWU. You can follow his daily update page online at

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