Friday, July 6, 2012

A Poem by Sherry Steiner


Stroboscopic matter. Rear projections. Everyone claps. Take her hand Etienne. Demonstrating a second nature to the use of a wide angle lens for black and white scenes - just step this way please. A zoom isn't always necessary. A book on the floor. A curtain torn. Negatives unraveling. There once was a time when all visual data was readable - digestible - discernable. Pointing his index finger upward Pierre refused to edit. A blemish on the bridge, a Bach fugue. The ambassador of foreign affairs came front and center and called out roll 'em! Right on cue 50,000 hard boiled eggs were released. Cause and effect/effect and cause. Etienne groaned. That wasn't in the script. Having an enterprising mind without sophistication he blessed the chickens that made the eggs and cursed the ambassador who caused the mess. A kaleidoscope of squealing ladies and their lean cowboys broke into a chase.

Sherry Steiner lives in Housatonic MA. For more info:

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